Hi there, Thanks for visiting High Heels And Meals. This is a personal blog dedicated to food, fashion, motherhood and travel. I wanted a place to journal my every day So I decided to create High Heels and Meals. 

About Me

Hi friends. Welcome to High Heels and Meals. Here’s a little sprinkle about me. I made my first meal when I was 14 and have never looked back. If you like mixing it up in the food department I’m your gal! I love to create new things and put a healthy spin on old recipes! I have recently turned my love language of cooking into a business here in Lincoln Nebraska. I have brought a lot of my southern charm right here to the Midwest. A dash of this and a dash of that and voila I have a fun and delicious yet healthy meal waiting for you to pick up! I love visiting the farmers market and buying local foods for my clients. I also spend a lot of time at your friendly Trader Joes and I will be sharing what items to pick up on your next visit and how to use them. I also will post some other fun stuff for you guys! Hope you enjoy following along.